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How To Style Your Curly Hair (For Men)

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

As great as curly hair looks, it can be equally as stressful to maintain. It can be unpredictable, and frankly, a pain to deal with. But, with the right products and techniques, it doesn’t have to be.

For a lot of men it can be a constant battle; waking up with curly hair one day, and unruly straight/wavy hair the next. Creating a daily guessing game, it is understandable to simply let your guard down and let the frizz win, or even worse, succumb to the clippers.

But don’t let this deter you from growing your curls out to show them off. To avoid the unpleasant scenario, there are a few simple rules to get a rein on your curly locks. Follow these tips to win the battle against your hair, feel fresh and live frizz-free.

How to care for (and tame) your curls:


Curls require moisture - and lots of it. Your type of curl can range from Type II through to Type V curl; wavy all the way through to coiled.

The tighter the curl, the more hydration it needs. Shampooing your hair too frequently can strip your hair of the natural oils it fought so hard to produce. These essential oils are your front-line defence against frizz. So no, washing your hair every day is not helping!

Washing your hair only 2-3 times a week will preserve the oils your hair needs to stay strong, hydrated, shiny and frizz-free.


The lesser-known secret tip from our expert barbers - make hair tonic your new best friend! Hair tonic is used to provide curl definition and frizz control, improving your curls' elasticity whilst keeping your natural-feeling hair. Hair tonic adds shine to your locks and moisturizes a dry scalp - because as we have learnt, moisture is key.

After washing, hair tonic is applied to give a more lived-in, less frizzy look. Starting with the tips of your locks (which are most prone to dryness and messy frizz) apply the product throughout the full-lengths, including your scalp. As an added bonus, there is no need to wash it out.

As recommended by the team at Brisbanes’ best barbershop, their best-selling Reuzel Surf Tonic spray is your perfect start. The tonic spray adds grip and volume that exaggerates the hair's natural texture, provides a light hold for styling, and vitamins beneficial for the hair and scalp. It also helps protect your hair in the next step: using a hair dryer.


If you want to look your very best, you’re going to need to arm yourself with a good quality comb and a hairdryer. At first, you may be hesitant, but the secret lies here so trust the process.

First, you want to define your curls with your fingers. For shorter hair, this means separating and coiling your curls into the desired shape.

Next, you attach a diffuser to your hair dryer, set the hairdryer on heat with low airflow and diffuse section by section until dry. If you don't have a diffuser, don’t stress, you can use the hairdryer without an attachment and it will also work well.

By doing this, you can now achieve your desired hairstyle before you leave the house, instead of hoping your hair will finish drying on the go and 90% of the time being left with frizzy chaos.

Not feeling curly hair that day? Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to get a less-curly style using a concentrator attachment. This attachment will help your direct hair in the desired direction and hold its shape all day.


To keep your hair behaving all day, a quality pomade like Mr Muk will have you covered. The extreme hold pomade allows flexibility of style whilst the matte finish gives you an effortlessly stylish look.

There are plenty of benefits of Mr Muk pomades that customers love, including:

  • Outstanding all-day strength

  • Unsurpassed pliable hold

  • Easy rinse out water-soluble ingredients.

Alternatively, the Reuzel Extreme Hold Pomade is formulated with beeswax and boasts an excellent hold on the thickest and curliest hair. Start by using the Clay Matte pomade in moderation, gradually applying thin layers, and you’ll be able to form your desired style with loads of volume. Being one of the most popular in the Reuzel range, this pomade is a perfect start to your curly hair journey.

With these pro techniques and tools, you’ll be well on your way to mastering your curls. Some steps may feel odd at first, especially if you’ve never had to blow dry your own hair before, but stick with it and you will be rewarded with a consistently great-looking hairstyle.

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