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Eyebrow Shaping At Brisbane's Peaky Barbers

It doesn’t matter whether you have big and bushy eyebrows or thin scraggly ones, every man can benefit from a bit of regular manscaping.

Despite being something that may not worry you for the first couple of decades of your life, looking after your brows is an important factor in being well-groomed.

Similar to haircuts or beard trims, good-looking and well-shaped eyebrows can help brighten and add definition to your face, as well as help in feeling consistently ready for every day. Because who doesn’t want an “I woke up like this” look?

Eyebrow Threading Brisbane Barbershop

All you need to know about eyebrow shaping

Between your options to trim, shave, pluck, wax and thread, it almost seems like too many to choose between. But don’t let these options scare you. For those that are new to the eyebrow maintenance game, let us give you the rundown on threading!

At Peaky Barbers, Woolloongabba, we understand that hair removal can be tricky. But with our well-trained and trustworthy barbers providing consistent results time and time again, they take all the stress off your shoulders.

Our skilled barbers shape your brows through a combination of trimming, waxing and a technique called threading, to add the finishing touches.

But what’s threading? Threading works by overlaying two threads of thin cotton to pluck away at any unwanted eyebrow hairs. In doing so, the barber can tailor your brows to your desired look.

Threading is entirely natural and does not rely on the use of any chemicals, which makes it great for your skin - even skin that is particularly sensitive or prone to reactions. On top of this, as the hair is completely removed from the follicle, your brows will be shaped perfectly for the next 4 - 5 weeks!

Eyebrow Shaping Peaky Barbers Brisbane

“I got my eyebrows done there (Peaky Barbers)... It looks very natural. Jay is very experienced, he assesses your brows, trims the longer hairs, and uses wax first to remove the outside hairs, then threading to clear away the finer hairs. For me, the difference was quite subtle, and it didn't feel as transformative as a haircut, but it did feel tidier all over. My wife loved it and wants me to get it done more!” - Peaky Barbers Customer Review

What brow shape should I get?

So, what makes a good set of eyebrows for a man? Perfectly sculpted? Slightly bushy?

The answer is all of the above. There are many options for your brows no matter what look you’re trying to achieve - and yes, it will still look natural.

If you’re chasing the “I woke up like this” look - ask for a natural-looking eyebrow shape. This will give you a rugged, but neat, look that most men prefer.

In doing this, you won’t end up with a shape that makes it look too obvious that the brows were shaped. But of course, if that’s what you’re after - that can be done too!

Alternatively, if you’re intimidated by professional eyebrow services or don’t want to spend the money, shaping your eyebrows at home is an affordable option. However, going the DIY route comes with a few challenges - i.e., messing up your eyebrows and living with the consequences for the next 6 weeks.

Ready to brave the thread at Peaky Barbers?

If this is true for you, then head to the Booksy app and look out for “Eyebrow Shaping” under “Shaves and Beard Trims”.

We hope this blog helps encourage men like you to “manscape” themselves, instead of letting nature take over.

Check out our other great blog articles, or head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to share your own hairstyling journey.

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